Two Dads, Five Sons – Forever Family

Gregory Stewart and his partner Stillman White were two gay middle-age men who wanted kids so they adopted five children of color — all boys. Follow the drama of their life at home, school and church in this Emmy-nominated video report by James Irwin for the San Francisco Chronicle.

producer, camera & editing: James Irwin narrator: Elizabeth Fernandez

SYNOPSIS: Gregory Stewart is inducted as the new pastor of the Unitarian Universalist Church in San Francisco — its first openly-gay pastor. Attending the service are Greg’s partner, Stillman White, and their five adopted sons: Arthur, 13, Javonte, 13, Allen, 11, Dionte, 10, and David, 6. We see scenes of domestic life at home, running errands, dining at a Chinatown restaurant and visiting the zoo as Stillman and Greg talk about their belief that gay couples should consider adoption. A dramatic moment develops when Stillman learns that his two youngest children, Dionte and David, didn’t get on the correct school bus and are lost. Stillman rushes to school and confronts the administrative staff as they search for the missing boys. After a tense hour they are found aboard another bus and are reunited with Stillman at the school. Later, at home over milk and cookies with their two dads, all five boys talk about their first day of the new school year.

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