Bay Area Man Wins 2008 U.S. Air Guitar Championship

Craig Billmeier of Alameda performing as “Hot Lixx Hulahan” won the U.S. Air Guitar Championship Friday night, Aug. 8, at the Regency Center Grand Ballroom in San Francisco.

producer, camera, editing and narration: James Irwin

SYNOPSIS: Twenty-four regional air guitar heroes jammed the stage at the Grand Ballroom of the Regency Center in San Francisco to shred for glory in the finals of the U.S. Air Guitar Championship. Among the players featured here is Craig Billmeier, of Alameda, who injured his thumb in the semifinals. Billmeier, who plays as “Hot Lixx Hulahan,” beat the other finalists with his energetic interpretation of Ozzy Osbourne’s “Crazy Train,” a performance which featured a spectacular head-first dive into the capacity crowd. [Later in the month, after winning the U.S. Air Guitar Championship on Aug. 8, Billmeier represented the United States at the World Air Guitar Championships in Oulu, Finland, where he won first place.]

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